Monday, July 16, 2012

To toast or not to toast?

It used to bother me when a friend who has recommended GREAT books in the past, recommended a book that I didn’t care for.  What was wrong with me?  I know they have good taste, why don’t I like it?  This was especially true with a book that it seemed ‘the whole world’ loved and I didn’t.  Am I a heathen?  What am I missing?  Surely if I just read a few more pages, I too will be drawn in and claim this book as my favorite!  Not so.  I found that the more that I would force myself to continue with the book, the more I struggled with it.

Now, I try to “toast a book” fairly quickly.  I have come to realize that even if I share a lot of similar books with a friend, we will always have some books we have a divergence on, and that is ok.

Remember that life is too short for bad books and, that bad books are 100% personal.  It is like desserts - you may share common taste with someone but you will find the occasional "favorite" they can't appreciate and vice versa.  So, move on as, your next great sweet book is out there waiting for you!

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