Thursday, August 11, 2016

Once Upon A Secret by Mimi Alford

My rating: 2.5

This book was Mimi's "response" to the press expose of her affair with the JFK.  Apparently this story broke around the same time as the Clinton/Lewinsky affair was made public. The trouble I have is that no one I know, even knew about the affair other than from this book so her 'response' seems to have only drawn attention to what most people didn't know.

I realize that  young girls can be swept up with power but what she described wasn't an affair but a Call Girl. I appreciate that Mimi seemed to be honest and to try to tell things in a straightforward but respectful way which is the only reason I am not rating it lower. I don't care for gossip tell-all type of books like this but, it was picked for my bookclub. That being said, I think it will make an interesting discussion.

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