Friday, October 28, 2016

Bookmarks Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

When I came home from work last night, I knew I had to work...a LOT!  I checked my mailbox and lo and behold there was my new Bookmarks Magazine - woohoo! I told myself that when I finished work, it would be my reward to be able to look through the magazine. I didn't finish work till late but I still stayed up perusing the magazine.  This is my all time favorite magazine and this month was loaded with some great picks. Thanks Bookmarks for motivating me and being my reward!


I already had To The Bright Edge of the World on hold at the library as Eowyn's first book The Snow Child was one of my absolute favorites.

I thought this edition of Bookmarks was loaded with great picks that I can't wait to read.  Let me know what your picks were or, if you don't get Bookmarks, what books are in your queue that you can't wait to read?


  1. Haven't gotten mine yet but can't wait! The previous issue had so many great picks - am still working through my "Autumn 2016" list:

    1. That is a great idea to organize your books like that! I need to do something similar as my queue is overflowing. I guess as long as it is a good book and the others are waiting for me, it is all good :-) Thanks Amy.

  2. Finally found time to read my Bookmarks. Wow, I feel like this year had been feast or famine with the books reviewed that interest me. This issue will keep me reading for months.
    The Sellout
    The Year of Reading Dangerously (going to checkout this back list title)
    These Are the Names
    A Gentleman in Moscow (received as Book of the Month choice)
    Underground Railroad
    Another Brooklyn
    Truly Madly Guily (won a free copy so even though reviews are fair, I will give a try)
    You Will Know Me
    The Light Fantastic
    And adding based on your knowledge of the author, To the Bright Edge of the World.

    Happy Halloween,

    1. I have the Sellout (maybe from a previous issue?) and will check out the others you have. Unlike with make-up, I am ok having my book queue overflowing :-) Have a fabulous week Jeana xoxo

  3. LOL, so true. By adding to my TBR the books Don't cost me money and the books don't expire if it takes me years to get to them.

  4. Oh and The Sellout was definitely in another issue. Somehow even though I mentally added I never physically added to my TBR.