Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Daughters of Paletine Hill by Phyllis T. Smith

My rating: 5.0

After Emperor Augustus defeats Marc Antony and Cleopatra he returns to Rome bringing their daughter Selene as a companion to his daughter Julia. Augustus' wife Livia is a devoted wife who understands the politics and needs of the country and tempers her husband.  This book is told in varying chapters by Julia, Selene and Livia covering arranged marriages, affairs, family loyalty and so much more.

Wow!  Who knew reading about Ancient Rome could be so delicious. I could not get enough of this book.  It was like a guilty soap opera as it unfolded seeing who was marrying


  1. Oh, this sounds excellent.

    1. It is! It is an easy read and is almost like a soap opera of who marries who or who is plotting against who. I stayed up late many nights wanting to find out what happened :-) I think you would love it.