Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bookmarks Magazine - March/April 2017

I always get so excited to get my new Bookmarks magazine.  Curling up and reading the reviews is such a special time and it really gets me so excited about settling in with a good book and being transported away by the story. There were a few in here that I am super excited to read:



Transit is a sequel so I want to read the first book in this series, Outline:

If you get Bookmarks, I would love to hear your picks and/or what good books you are reading right now.


  1. I agree Elle, I get excited when I open the mailbox and see my newest Bookmarks. Below are the titles that caught my eye.

    Fever Dream
    Huck Out West
    Lucky Boy
    The Most Dangerous Place on Earth
    The Sleepwalker

    Happy Reading!

    1. Thanks Jeana. I really wanted tolike Huck Out West but I just can't get past the vernacular. I hope you are finding some amazing books (this was a dry month for me)

    2. I hope I can make it through Huck, I sometimes have issues with the same. I had a mixed month. I read and enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale for book club, A God Unknown and Tortilla Flat in my quest to read Steinbeck's novels this year. I DNF Good Lord Bird because I had a hard time with the audio narrator, I may try reading later. I am stalled on Honor, hope to get back to it this weekend. I am currently listening to We Are Not Ourselves which is Very long and slow paced but I am enjoying.
      Enjoy your weekend!

    3. Definitely let me know what you think of the Huck as I trust your recommendations :-)