Monday, February 6, 2017

Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay by Elena Ferrante

My rating: 2.4

This continues the story of Elena and Lila's on again/off again friendship. They have such a dysfunctional complex relationship and Ferrante exposes every last nuance and is so raw.

The thing that I love about Ferrante's writing is probably the reason why I didn't care for this final book.  She captures dysfunction so well that it makes you uncomfortable. I really enjoyed her first few books but just found this depressing.


  1. Oh no, I have only read the first two and loved these books. I planned to read the last two, I think. I have heard the last book really wraps everything up really well. Do you plan to read the fourth book?


    1. I don't know. This was such a struggle and I found it REALLY dysfunctional and depressing. I also enjoyed the first two and heard the final one really wraps it up which intrigues me but, I am not sure if I am up for it or not. I am trying to stop reading books if they don't grab me as I have so many in my queue.