Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rise and Shine by Anna Quindlen

Bridget Fitzmaurice works for a women's shelter in the Bronx; her older sister, Meghan, cohost of the popular morning show Rise and Shine, is the most famous woman on television. These sisters lost their parents at an early age and Quindlen does a wonderful job of effortlessly showing their sisterly bond.  Bridget acts as a second mother to the busy Meghan's college student son, Leo.
This is a light easy to read novel (a la "beach novel") that is the perfect book to lose yourself in.  There is comedy, good prose and fabulous descriptions of New York and the lifestyle that goes along with living in Manhatten.  Quindlen writes frankly, articulately and believably about female relationships, which are the core of her novels.  This isn't a heavy or "best of" type of novel but, a delicious indulgence to be enjoyed for what it is.

Rating: 3.3 Strong OK