About Me

My name is Elle and I was born in Canada and raised primarily in Canada and England. I have been blessed to have my travels take me to all different parts of the world and I now call beautiful sunny Arizona home.

My passions in life, in no particular order are: my husband, my dog, books/reading, knitting/crochet, make-up and fashion.

I would love to hear what you read, what you think of my YouTube videos and feedback of things you would like to see on YouTube.



  1. Hi, just over from your YT channel. I love reading as well as all things beauty. Just curious, how do you rate your books, I saw a 4.8 rating. How do you get to the .8 vs .6, etc. Thanks and look forward to reading your blog as well as watching your videos.


  2. Hi Jeana - I just found your comment! So sorry for the delay. My rating is definitely subjective. I try to think if I rated another book 4.8...how does this book compare. I hope that helps.