Monday, May 29, 2017

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

My rating: 2.0

Tate moves in with her brother who's apartment is across the hall from Miles. Miles doesn't want love and she doesn't have time for love so they embark on a casual affair.

This was a Harlequin Romance with better developed characters and slightly better writing.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Before I Go by Colleen Oakley

My rating: 2.0

On the eve of celebrating her four year cancerversary, Daisy gets diagnosed for the second time with cancer and, this time it is terminal. Daisy makes it her mission to find a new wife for her husband.

 I liked the characters, the writing was ok but I didn't care for the plot line.  It was cheezy and completely implausible so it lost me. This implausible plotline that I couldn't connect with then made me notice the writing which felt very formula. This went from an interesting story line to so boring. I really enjoyed Oakley's novel "Close Enough To Touch" so found this very disappointing. Glad that this was written prior to Close Enough To Touch as that says Oakley's writing is improving as are her plot lines so, I hold out hope she may have more books to come that will continue to be solid.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Black & White by Dani Shapiro

My Rating: 4.6

Clara returns to New York to see her ailing mother, the controversial photographer Ruth Dunne who became famous through her discomforting nude photos of young Clara. This is uncomfortable and captures so many levels of emotion. Definitely not a plot driven book. I found that it evoked so many emotions in me for Clara and her situation, both as a child and an adult.

I really enjoyed Shapiro's writing style of leaving sentences unfinished and somehow conveying the emotions with even more punch. This is not for everyone but I enjoyed it.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma

My rating: 4.5

Mrs Sharma is a 37 yo woman who's husband works in Delhi to provide the family with a better life. She lives with her in-laws along with her 15 yo son Bobbie who has dreams of becoming a chef despite his mother's dreams of something grander for him.

This first person narrative captured me and despite the continued gradual twisted twists in her thinking I continued along with it as it almost seemed as natural to me as it was to her (ok, not quite but, I still enjoyed the journey).  This captures Indian culture and I loved her voice. I believe that this captures many Mrs. Sharma's although hopefully without the twist.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir

My rating: 4.9

This is my second Alison Weir book and I am so in love with her writing. This starts from when Elizabeth is three years old and progresses into her early adult years. You really feel like you know and understand her and your heart goes out to her and you admire her for all of the situations she has to face at such a young age and handles with dignity.

Fabulous writing combined with so much true drama that it doesn't need embellishment. WONDERFUL!  I can't wait to read the next in this series.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Close Enough To Touch by Colleen Oakley

My rating: 4.9

Jubilee, is allergic to human touch...yes, she could die from simply being touched by another person. She has a humiliating near fatal accident in high school and becomes an unplanned recluse in her home...for nine years! When her mother dies and she needs to be financially independent, she is thrust back out in to the world to fend for herself.

This took a couple of chapters to grab me but, then it did.  All of the characters grew on me with every turn of the page where I was cheering for each of them.  Eric, Aja, Madison, Ellie and most especially Jubilee where all flawed characters that I fell in love with and wanted so much for and had me rooting for them. I drew comparisons to JoJoy Moyes writing when I was telling my friends about this...before I read the descriptions. It is a fun fast read that will capture your heart and stay with you.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Separation by Katie Kitamura

My rating: 3.8

Christopher and his wife agree to separate but to not tell anyone. Then his wife gets a phone call from Christopher's mother inquiring into his whereabouts. Writing about the painful end of a marriage is so difficult and, this captures it so beautifully.  The eloquence and depth of emotion is so beautiful. There is not doubt that Kitamura is an incredible writer capable of capturing so much. I can't emphasize enough how beautiful the writing is...and can understand the comparisons to Elena Ferrante...yes, it is that gorgeous of phrasing.

I also completely understand that this was 'too much'.  It was every single thought articulated to the point of being boring. It is also an extremely depressing topic that there is no 'happy ending' to but, for me, Kitamura's beautiful writing still shone through. This was difficult for me to rate as, even though this wasn't a 'readable' novel it captured so much and was amazing in it's writing. Definitely not one for the masses though.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

My rating: 4.8

I absolutely loved Simon and all of the other characters. I think knowing it is a "Harry Potter remake" helped me get into this book very quickly: Simon=Harry, Baz=Draco, Penny=Hermione, Watford=Hogwortz etc. etc. For me, the characters just fell into place seamlessly so I instantly got lost in the story line. Then suddenly WOAH!!!...I wasn't expecting that!!!

This is Rainbow Rowell's version of Harry Potter but make no mistake, this is NOT the Harry Potter storyline. If you don't like Harry Potter or if you think that J.K. Rowling owns the Harry Potter concept then, you won't like this at all. If you loved Harry Potter and want another version of it, run out and grab this book.  LOVED it!  Now I want to read Fangirl.