Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanen

My rating: 4.7

Julia and Michael met in high school, flee West Virginia and in their 30's are living a rarified life in their multi-million-dollar,Washington D.C. home. At the head of his boardroom table, Michael collapses and is dead for 4 minutes that forever change him.  Then the author flashes back to their childhoods and builds their characters and their relationship with such skill that I was rooting for them and their marriage.

On the first page of this book I thought I knew the general premise and that it would be 
so fluffy I wouldn't like it.  I am so glad to use up one of my times of being wrong on this book! :-) A light easy read that got me so engrossed in the characters that I was staying up late to read 'just a few more pages' and even had me crying.  I will definitely be reading more by Miss Pekkanen.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

My rating: 4.8

Like so many from my generation, I read this book back in school.  I remembered enjoying it so thought I would reread this classic.

This is the story a mentally disabled man, Charlie, and a little mouse named Algernon and both of them going through an experimental procedure.  A lot of this story is told through Charlie's poignant diary entries

Wow.  So many emotions from this book.  Human nature, personality, development, societal expectations and more.

As much as I enjoyed it back then, I am sure I didn't appreciate the depth of this book so I am very glad that I reread this and may make it my selection for a future book club.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

My rating: 4.6

This is a sweet adaptation of  a Grimm fairytale of the same name. Princess Ani doesn't fit in with her family and, as she grows up, she develops the ability to communicate with animals. when she takes a long journey to a neighboring kingdom to be married to a Prince, things go awry.

While this is a light predictable story, I also found it very endearing and a nice break from meatier novels. If you like fairytales, this is an enjoyable read.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Morning Glory by Sarah Jio

My rating: 4.0

This light little beach-read was the perfect thing for my overworked brain.  About two women, Ada in 2008 and Penny in the 1950's, who both live in the same houseboat in Seattle. This is a very light mystery / romance but, was easy and fun and fit my mood.  I also loved the ambiance of living on a houseboat.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro

My rating: 2.8

This book is told by two narrators years apart - Eva is mainly in the 1920's and Grace is in the 1950's. This is a very light/fluffy mystery.  I don't find Tessaro a very skilled writer and she dropped EXTREMELY OBVIOUS clues about everything.  She also switched the narrative in the middle of a paragraph.

It definitely didn't flow or entice me into it.  Unfortunately, perfume was a very minor part of this book.  All of this being said, my bookclub just met last night and they loved it so maybe it was my frame of mind with work being so crazy?  Definitely don't go off of just my review :-)