Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thief by Maureen Gibbon

Thief: A Novel Suzanne has fled her latest dysfunctional relationship for a cabin in the remote North Woods. There she starts up a correspondence with Alpha Breville, a prisoner who is doing 14 years for burglary and rape. Suzanne was raped at the age of 16 and so devastated by her assault that she is still working through the trauma of that night. She thinks that understanding Breville will release her from the pain she has carried with her for years. She soon begins visiting Alpha in prison, and their relationship turns sexual. She also initiates a sexual relationship with an emotionally damaged cowboy with whom she has little in common and who shows up at her door at odd hours. When she finally realizes that these men are too sick to give her what she needs, she finds the liberation she has been so desperately seeking. This searing, compact novel can be read in one sitting for maximum intensity. Suzanne's direct voice, stripped of self-pity, will draw readers in and keep them there but, be aware that it is sexually blunt and explicit and doesn't pull any punches.  Disturbing and difficult to recommend but so well written.  This book is not for everyone so read other reviews before you decide if you want to read it

Rating: 4.1 Good but disturbing