Friday, August 27, 2010

The Crying Tree by Naseem Rakha

The Crying Tree: A Novel
The Crying Tree is a story of a family's journey toward justice and forgiveness towards their son's killer. Deputy sheriff Nate Stanley calls home one day and announces he's accepted a deputy post in Oregon. His wife, Irene, resents having to uproot herself and their children, Shep and Bliss, from their small Illinois town, but Nate insists it's for the best. Once they've moved into their new home, Shep sets off to explore Oregon's outdoors, and things seem to be settling in nicely until one afternoon when Nate returns home to find his 15-year-old son beaten and shot in their kitchen. After Shep dies in Nate's arms, the family seeks vengeance against the young man accused of Shep's murder.  As much as this is a heavy topic, the writing feels light and fluffy and not a substantial quality read.

Rating: 3 Just ok