Thursday, May 26, 2011

Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin

Alice I Have Been: A Novel
Alice Liddell Hargreaves is an lonely old woman now, but once she was full of passion, fire, and true love. As a child, she was the muse of Mr. Dodgson, a professor at Oxford who used the pen name Lewis Carroll, and inspired the classic Alice's Adventure in Wonderland. What Alice doesn't realize, though, is that her life will be both illuminated and shrouded by just one day in her life, a day when, at eleven years old, her life changes forever when she is the 'real' Alice in Wonderland.

This work of literary fiction, which sticks very closely to Alice's true life, and captured my interest.  The author not only does wonderful character development (I love the spunk of Alice as a little girl) but captures the 1800's so beautifully.

Rating: 4.3  Recommend

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