Friday, November 15, 2013

Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden

My Rating:  4.8

This book is about a Cree boy who is raised by his Auntie in the wilderness and taught to live off the land.  He develops a close friendship with another Cree boy.  When they are of age, the two of them enlist and become snipers in the killing fields of Ypres in WWI.  This is a brutal yet beautifully well told story.  This captures so much - the brutality of war, the beauty of the wilderness, the Native American life and so much more that I am not eloquent enough to capture.  AMAZING writing and this will be in my 'best of' for this year.


  1. I read this book on your recommendation and it was wonderful. I'm especially interested in WW1 and this was certainly a bit different form the usual type of story. I loved the style of writing, it just flowed, and I felt as though I was there sometimes with the atmospheric descriptions.
    It was sad but also uplifting, quite a feat to achieve by the author, and I look forward to reading more by him.
    Thank you for reviewing this book, Elle as I'm not sure I would have selected otherwise.
    Glasgow, Scotland
    YT subscriber aka latweezers

    1. Louise, thank you so much for letting me know that you enjoyed this book. It is so hard to recommend books when everyone's taste is so different. I am glad that you also felt the book flowed and was so enjoyable. I hope that we can share more reads in the future :-)