Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Longbourn by Jo Baker

My rating:  4.0

This is the lives of the servants the Bennett estate of Pride & Prejudice.  There is Mrs.Hill who manages the staff that keeps Longbourn running smoothly: the young housemaids, Sarah and Polly; the butler, Mr. Hill; and the mysterious new footman, James Smith

I haven't read Pride & Prejudice but could appreciate this story.  That being said, sometimes it felt wonderfully light hearted with the typical struggles a Staff has of running an estate like Longbourn and other times it vascillated from a fluffy romance novel to the author adding in some very heavy topics that, for me, just didn't meld.

I think literary critics could find lots of flaws in this book but, all in all, this was an enjoyable read and I think most Jane Austen fan's would appreciate it.

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