Wednesday, March 4, 2015

About Grace by Anthony Doerr

My rating: 4.7

As a young boy growing up in Anchorage Alaska, he has a dream of a man carrying a hat box being hit by a bus.  Weeks later, when he and his mother are walking down the street, he walks right into that same scene and everything crystallizes and slows down as his dream becomes reality. Years later, David has another dream about his infant daughter.

David Winkler is a very unique individual.  Not only that he has premonitions but, the way he views life.  He is a hydrologist and has a fixation with water and snow.  He has no concept of money and, in general does not look at the world or do things the way other people do.  If you can not let this frustrate you and instead enjoy his quirks, you will love this book.

I am absolutely enamored by Doerr's writing.  It is not a book you can skim but rather one you must focus and read every word and truly absorb and enjoy.  Poetry.  I will be reading more by this gifted author.

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