Thursday, December 3, 2015

Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradel

My rating: 4.7

This book starts out with Eva as a baby and follows her, and the people in her life as she grows up. Each chapter feels like a short story.  I don't like short stories but this was such an enjoyable read. This is very original in how it is written and hits so many great notes - funny, touching and includes a lot of appreciation of food.

You learn about Eva from all different people's perspective. Sometimes you can tell the connection to Eva and sometimes you can't.  Hang in there and it all comes together.

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  1. this book is on my tbr but I am nervous since I have heard it is short stories. I was in such a reading slump after reading Dark Places. I loved it and have picked up and put down three books that I couldn't get into. So I re-red a book I love Never Fall Down to try and kick start my reading again. We'll see...