Sunday, February 7, 2016

The House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

My rating: 1.5

This was a more challenging read than I am up for right now...and maybe ever. This is called an 'interactive' book.  Some pages have one paragraph.  Some pages have one word. Some are written upside down. Some are written in columns. There are LONG footnotes that go on for pages. It is said that if Blair Witch project was a book, this would be it.

Despite this being very well written, my brain just was not up for a piece of work that is challenging.  You can see by the reviews that people either love or hate this but, since I didn't finish it, I can't way.  Let me know if you read it what you thought.


  1. Elle-hope your next read is better for you! I have often looked at this book with curiousity.

    1. If you check it out, I would be interested in your thoughts. With work being so crazy, I just couldn't get in to this book right now. Let me know if it is worth the effort.