Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bookmarks Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

"Another long day at work" + "Bookmarks Magazine in my mailbox" = All is right with the world!

I was happy to stay up late combing through the latest magazine. I always research the books on Goodreads and this month decided to ignore many of the Bookmarks recommendations including Swing Time but, even though it wasn't in this issue, reviews on that book got me to put this book into my queue:

My newest guilty pleasure is Crime/Thrillers:

My literary picks are.

I am not sure how all of these were already in my queue (from a previous issue?):

Let me know either your picks that I missed from this month's magazine or any great books you have read lately.


  1. We've got a lot of the same books! I've got an ambitious reading schedule for January/February but I'm retired (from librarianship, so already a big reader) and live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where there's already 50 inches of snow on the ground and -16 degrees yesterday morning...so I'll have a lot of time to read in front of the fireplace ths winter :) "Fall Guy" and "Night School" will be Audible books.

    The Fortunes

    The Mothers

    Three Body Problem

    Shirley Jackson

    Another Brooklyn


    City on Fire

    The dogs of Littlefield

    The sun is also a star



    Swing Time

    Mister Monkey

    His Bloody Project


    American Ulysses


    Night School

    Wrong Side of Goodbye

    News of the World

    Fall Guy

    By Gaslight

    1. I am going to have to go back and look at your picks that I didn't have to see if I should revisit them. Thanks Amy! xoxo

  2. Always Excited to see this post. I can't wait for my Magazine to Arrive. Elle, do you ever set Reading Challenges for yourself, not specifically a number of books? I have been mulling over the following and I think I have convinced myself to try...
    1. Reading for Fun Challenge (Modern Mrs. Darcy blog)
    2. Reading for Growth Challenge (same source)
    3. Read 10 Books for Book Club (this is a gimme, haha)
    4. Read 4 classics from the following list - all on my shelf for way too long
    Lonesome Dove
    Grapes of Wrath
    Gone with the Wind
    Jane Eyre
    Wuthering Heights
    The Handmaid's Tale
    5. Read 25 books from my own shelf (not the library)
    I will allow one book to count on more than one challenge or I certainly would fail. I am trying this in an effort to Read my Own Books and branch out to books I probably would not choose on my own. I will definitely be reaching out for recommendations to fulfill some of the challenges on the MMD.

    1. Part of me thinks I should do this as I have hundreds of books that have been on my kindle for many years. I have thought about this but then decide that it isn't for me. I have so many times when life is crazy and I need a book that is an escape and one that fits my mood. I am ok in being disciplined in other areas of my life but, for myself, I want my reading to be unstructured and my escape. I do admire you doing this and maybe one day I will join you in this type of challenge (especially the last one!)

  3. Wish me luck! I want to downsize my TBR/Collection of books. I will keep favorites but I will read and pass along those that I know I won't read again.
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Absolutely loved The Gentleman from Moscow!

  5. Finally my magazine arrived! Adding to my TBR
    Lincoln in the Bardo (2017 release)
    the Orphans of Race Point (back list)
    Cruel Beautiful World
    News of the World
    the Fall Guy
    the Trespasser
    the Sun is Also a Star
    White Teeth
    Have a great holiday!