Wednesday, April 11, 2018

As Bright As Heaven by Susan Meissner

My rating: 3.5

After the recent loss of their baby son, Pauline, her husband and their daughters take an offer from an uncle to move to Philadelphia and become partners in the funeral business. While they are adjusting to their new life, they also have to deal with the outbreak of the Spanish flu. One day, while mother and daughter are delivering food to the sick, the daughter finds a young baby, his mother dead from the flu. They decide to keep him and he gives them all a purpose to hold on to in their chaotic world.

I enjoyed the alternating POV of the mother and the daughters. While I enjoyed the portion about the Spanish flu immensely the light fluffiness characters that were lacking in depth didn't seem to fit. There were also a LOT of coincidences at the end that allowed everything to be tied up in such a pretty neat bow it felt like a script for Hallmark Weekly Movie (hate that!) Definitely enjoyed the first portion more than the ending which is too bad as it had promise to be better.

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