Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Right of Thirst by Frank Huyler

The masterpiece of Right of Thirst, has the two essential attributes of any great novel: it is exquisitely written and it deals with profoundly universal themes. Cardiologist, Charles Anderson is reeling from the death of his wife, from cancer, when he volunteers to assist with earthquake relief in an unnamed region of the world very much in today's news, the vague border regions of Pakistan.

How does one do "good" in one's life, how do we make a difference if we see our lives wanting, are universal questions for us all, and ones that this serious novels ask and attempt to answer. How does one do "good" in far away, vaguely sinister and foreboding and dangerous parts of the world is also such a question. Frank Huyler confronts these issues with stupendous literary talent and the sensibility of an intensely caring and proficient medical doctor.  If you value unusually beautiful prose that makes you stop on each page and savor some special moment, then you simply must read this book.

Rating: 4.3 Recommend