Thursday, February 11, 2010

That Old Cape Magic by Richard Russo

When you combine a great title like "That Old Cape Magic"; a book about wonderful Cape Cod, and a Pulitzer Prize winning author, along with hearing some great reviews, I eagerly started listening to this on my commute. I wasn't thrilled from the beginning.  I kept expecting the story to get better--to have some positive thrown in with the negative, dysfunctional marriages the story centers around or, at least some hope thrown in with the desperation-but it never happened. There was some humor thrown in, but not very much. I just felt this book was so negative and didn't understand why people (of several generations no less!) who were so miserable would stay together to continue to make each other miserable rather than choosing to be happy - either together or apart.  I just couldn't finish it as for me, life is too short to be miserable - in real life or by subjecting myself to a book that I am not enjoying.  I toasted it and am moving on to the numerous better books that are waiting for me to enjoy.

Rating: 0 Do NOT Recommend