Friday, April 1, 2011

Brothers by Yu Hua

Brothers: A Novel14 year old Baldy Li is caught peeping at womens bottoms in a latrine. The novel flashes back giving you the history that on the same day his father slips to a disgraceful demise while ogling women in a public toilet. The incident is big news in tiny Liu Town, China, and leaves the family tainted with shame. Yet even as Baldy Li and his mother, Li Lan, cower under the taunts of their neighbors, things begin to change for the better. The tall, handsome Song Fanping falls in love with Li Lan and marries her. Li Lan gains new happiness and Baldy Li gains an older stepbrother, Song Gang. I just couldn't get in to this book so decided to move on to others in my queue.

Rating: 1 Do not recommend

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