Sunday, April 3, 2011

Traveling Light by Katrina Kittle

Traveling LightIt's generally thought that the story of a man or woman "coming of age" is about their struggle to define themselves and their place in the world when they are young and moving into adulthood. Certainly that is true. But the process is one that never really ends. Things like injury, illness, or tragedy can force us to re-examine our lives and our place in the world.

Such is the story of Summer Zwolenick. An injury to her ankle has ended her promising dance career. Her brother is slowly losing his fight with AIDS. Her grandmother is losing a battle with cancer. Her new life as a teacher at a small-town school seems ungratifying to her. There is a lot to force her to re-examine who she is and where she's going. And she's made a promise to her brother. It's this promise that Summer is struggling to fulfill through out the book.

This book was incredibly honest and at times, was uncomfortable in the reality of a long slow death.

Rating: 4.6 Recommend

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