Monday, August 17, 2015

Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton

Rating: 4.6

I don't generally read mystery books so am not sure how this ended up on my Kindle but, if you were the person who recommended it to me then, 'thank you!'.  This story revolves around the central characters, Catrin, Callum and Rachel, all living on the Falkland Islands. Each character tells one of the three sections.  

Bolton does a fabulous job of capturing the Falklands and Island life as well as making each of the characters come alive.  I had no idea of who did it until the very last page.  If you like mysteries, I am sure you will enjoy this well written book.


  1. Elle - I have read a couple of her books and enjoyed but have not read this yet. Glad you enjoyed, adding to my TBR.

    1. If you liked other books by here, I may have to put them in my queue as I really did enjoy this book. Let me know how you think it compares and if I should add others of her to my TBR list.