Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Girls by Emma Cline

My rating: 4.0

This is about "The Girls" in a Charles Manson type of situation.Set in California in the late 1960's Evie see a group of carefree girls in the park and is enthralled with them, particularly Suzanne.  She goes on to meet the cult leader, Russell and to feel at home on the sprawling ranch where they live. Everything moves along as you would expect.  No twists. Nothing other than the expected deplorable violent crime.

For myself, when I already know the ending of a book, I expect to fall in love with the characters....but I didn't.  I actually didn't care for any of the characters and was considering abandoning this book.  The writing wouldn't let me. It was amazing writing that captures what it is like to be a lost clueless teenager who wants more than anything to fit in and find meaning and how it would feel to be part of that group.

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