Monday, June 11, 2018

Every Note Played by Lisa Genova

My rating: 4.9

An accomplished concert pianist, Richard is dealing with ALS. She knows the details of the disease and takes us through the grueling daily challenges of living with ALS that most of us probably never thought about. His ex-wife Karina becomes his reluctant caretaker. You not only understand ALS and the deterioration but, you understand Richard and Karina's marriage and each of their roles in it's demise.

This was sad but it didn't feel depressing as it was so real and honest. I felt like I would know what it would be like to have ALS or the emtions of caring for someone with ALS. Genova is a truly gifted author and she uses her knowledge or neuroscience in a way to educate without lecturing. I think this was even better than her previous book Still Alice. She is a true talent at adeptly handling difficult topics..


  1. Hi Elle! Was surprised I couldn’t find a review of Little Fires Everywhere. Do you plan to read it? I am a little more than half way through and am really enjoying it.

    1. I started it and it didn't grab me but I really need to revisit it. I didn't care for her book Everything I Never Told You so maybe that jaded me.