Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

My Rating:  3.8

I was disappointed when my bookclub selected this out of pure preconceived notions that I wouldn't like it (based on the book and the author).  I thought I would give it a try but, don't believe in reading books I don't enjoy, even if they are for book club.  Well, I was very pleasantly surprised!

Cara and Edward's parents, Luke and Georgie, are divorced.  Luke, a renowned wolf expert, frequently lives with wolves.  Cara adores her father and  doesn't feel she fits with her mother, Georgie's new family.  Edward has had a falling out with his father and lives in Thailand.  An car accident brings this estranged family back together  
Lone Wolf

Lots of secrets are revealed in this intriguing story.  The character development and plot kept me interested all the way through.  It is not a 'deep' book and will definitely not make my 'best of' list but, it was a very entertaining read and I am sure it will make a good book club discussion.

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