Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bookmarks Magazine Sept/Oct 2016

Nothing compares to the thrill of opening my mailbox and finding the latest edition of Bookmarks Magazine.Here are the books that I am adding to my queue.  This is my quick first pass as it is a school night and I need to get to bed but, I wanted to share the ones that jumped out at me.

Let me know if you are enjoying any good books or have any books in your queue you are anxious to start.



1 comment:

  1. I just finished reading my magazine. There were only a handful of books that I added to my TBR this month.

    The Wicked Boy
    The Girls - I received this month as my Book of the Month, just trying to finish a book club pick before I start
    Before the Fall
    As Good as Gone

    Side note, I don't have Homegoing on my list only because I read it this month and Loved it, definitely in my to 2-3 books this year.

    Have a great week!