Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Never Coming Back by Alison McGhee

My rating: 5.0

After being gone more than a decade, Clara is moving back home to the Adirondacks to take care of her mother Tamar. Tamar has early onset Alzheimers.

This is a beautiful slow moving story that is meant to savored. As it unfolds, you flash back and forth between Claire's childhood, college years and present day. You gradually understand the many threads that weave into the years of the mother / daughter relationship as well as Claire's friendship with Brown and Sunshine. This is not an action or plot based book. It is very beautiful, honest and emotional look at the nuances and assumptions that are made and only when re-examined, can we see things differently. I want to rate this higher. Definite 'Best Of'. Incredible writing and I will be buying this for Mum (which is one of the highest accolades a book can get from me).

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