Sunday, March 12, 2017

Follow The River by James Alexander Thom

My rating: 5.0

This is the true story of Mary Ingles kidnapping by the Shawnee Indians. After a brutal raid by the on Mary Ingles settlement, she is taken captive along with her two boys and her sister-in-law to live hundreds of miles away. Mary is 9 months pregnant. This is an incredible journey of what she endured during her journey and living for months among the Indians.

The author does an amazing job of capturing the suffering - both mental and physical - of what Mary endured. This story left me in awe. Such incredible writing that truly made me feel all of what she experienced. Definite recommend.

The Indian raid in the beginning is very brutal. If you stopped reading at that point, I strongly encourage you to read past that point before deciding if this book is for you.

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