Friday, March 3, 2017

Harmony by Carolyn Parkhurt

My rating:  3.8

A family living in Washington D.C. with their 2 girls - Iris a neurotypical and Tilly who has been diagnosed with a disorder on the autism spectrum - PPD-NOS,  This book is told from the mother Alexandra and each of the two girls perspective. It captures so well a parent's thought process, emotions and handling of a different child and, how when she reaches the end of her rope, that she grabs on to the lifeline offered by Scott Bean. Scott is establishing Camp Harmony in the woods of New Hampshire.

Parkhurt did an amazing job at making me feel Alexandra's desperation in dealing with Tilly. Despite doing an amazing job of having each person's story so well told, all of the threads didn't come together to weave the story as seamlessly as it could have been.  The final chapter of having a child with wings was so beautiful but all told this was good but not great.

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